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Hello Gorgeous

27 Jun

I can not get enough of these photos of Blake Lively for Marie Claire by Txema Yeste. Everything, literally everything, is styled to perfection.

Blake Lively Marie Claire -2012

Blake Lively Marie Claire 2012

Blake- Lively Marie Claire 2012

Blake- Lively Marie Claire 2012

I’m going to need that floor length sequin Jenny Packham dress….right now. And that white beaded Marios Schwab number too.

Carpe Diem,


Images 1, 2, 3, 4.

Sun Drenched

25 Jun

Marilyn Monroe Quote

positive quote

Gisele Versace 2012

With the warmer months approaching quickly (where did you go, June?), I am ready to embrace the long, sun drenched days of summer. I want to dive in & swim in these gorgeous photographs, all whilst thinking about imperfection as beauty & happiness as a state of mind, rather than possession to be prized.

Carpe Diem,


Images 1, 2, 3, 4.

House of Lolo: Annual Dress Event

22 Jun

House of Lolo Dress Event

It should come as no surprise that I am slightly obsessed with House of Lolo (see here, here and here), so when I found out about their first annual dress event I knew I had to swing by. Champagne, treats, give-aways, a Pink Tartan trunk show + fabulous women? Sold! They will also be featuring some of their favorite brands such as Contrarian, Ani Lee, Parker, Black Halo, and then some.

Pink Tartan is a luxury sportswear brand that focuses on clothes you can actually live in & that transition from day to night.  Comfortable material combined with chic style. Here are a few snapshots of the fabulous Pink Tartan dresses you’ll see tonight and did I mention, the dresses are only available for a limited time? My personal fav is that rad orange dress in a knit material (chic & comfy!).

Pink Tartan Trunk Show

In case you’re wondering, that dress is perforated leather. Yowza, sexy mama!

Pink Tartan Trunk Show

Pink Tartan Trunk Show

This little white dress is perfect for a Bride to wear to a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Pink Tartan Trunk Show

Pink Tartan Trunk Show

I’m already loving what I am seeing and can’t wait for more uber stylish goodies tonight.

The event is at House of Lolo, 1031 NW Couch Street right across from Powell’s Bookstore in the Pearl District of Portland, OR from 5pm-9pm tonight (June 22nd). Do I need to mention again that there will be champagne?

You can read more about it on their Facebook event page & make sure to “like” them if you haven’t already. Don’t forget Twitter too!

Happy Friday!

Carpe Diem,


*Images from House of Lolo.

Summer To-Do List

21 Jun


A bit late to post, but I’ve been curating a to-do list of summer activities for a few weeks now. I’ll be sharing some of my adventures on here as I tackle the best season Oregon has to offer. I may even add a few more here & there…there’s just so much to do in the summers!  This list doesn’t include the obvious occasions that will happen multiple times such as BBQing, pool time, and enjoying cocktails on outdoor patios.

1. Portland Brewfest. The world’s second largest brewfest, runner up to Oktoberfest.

2. Spend a weekend in central Oregon.

3. Spend an afternoon at McMenamins Edgefield.

4. Go to an outdoor concert.

5. Go camping (and use our new, fancy tent from REI).

6. Weddings!! Attend 1, help coordinate another.

7. Attend at least one Timber’s game.

8. Take a cooking class at Sur La Table.

9. BBQ meat from Phil’s Meat Market in NW Portland (supposedly amazing).

10. Spend a weekend in Seattle visiting friends & family.

11. Host a house-warming party for our new pad.

12. Attend Bite of Oregon.

13. Brew-cycle. *Just booked this for my birthday. Ya, that’s gonna be FUN.

14. Visit Crater Lake.

15. Perfect the home-made margarita.

16. Hit up Portland Flea again & again. Read more about it’s awesomeness here.

17. Take a hike in the Gorge. I hear Dog Mountain is beautiful.

Do you have a to-do list of adventures for the upcoming warmer months? Cheers to summer!

*These are in no particular order.

Carpe Diem,


*Image source. 

Wanderlust Wednesday: Bangkok, Thailand

20 Jun
Bangkok, Thailand

View from our hotel room.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Biggest shopping mall in SE Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

Street food yumminess.

Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel lobby.

Bangkok, Thailand

On our way to Koh Samui for our honeymoon, we stopped in Bangkok for a few days. I am so glad we did, because even just a few days in this city was spectacular. It is a big, hot mess and I loved it. There is a lot going on in Bangkok; from the traffic, to people, to hustle & bustle of the city and to the trash, down power-lines and over-head public transportation, it is non-stop 24/7. Sensation overload coming at you from every angle. Not the mention the humidity. So, literally it is a big, hot mess.

We stayed in Siam Square at the Aetas Bangkok. This area is also home to SE Asia’s largest mall; combine this with it being the city’s financial district and you have a lot of disposable income being splurged. The shopping center was unlike anything I had ever seen before; 6-stories & 4 wings, endless designer boutiques and $250,000 cars on the top level (how?!).

We ventured into the original Siam Square, a winding maze of open-air stalls selling goods ranging from clothing to technology. This was my favorite spot during our time in Bangkok. I picked up an adorable romper that I am yet to rock in PDX…

Thailand is known for it’s amazing food, whether from a street vendor or 5-start restaurant. True fact: I didn’t enjoy eating Thai food in the states before we visited Thailand. Although it’s not the same here, I have officially been converted to a thai food lover. Simple, good & local ingredients paired with ancient-old recipes makes for…you guessed it, mouth-watering food. One of our favorite places we discovered was Hyde & Seek, which I would highly recommend for artisan cocktails. Their Siam Sunray is wonderfully refreshing after a day of sight seeing.

We wandered, got lost, people-watched and indulged in out-of-this-world food and we only saw a fraction of the city. We’ll be back someday, Bangkok!

Have you been to Bangkok before? I’d love to hear other’s experiences as I am sure they are all vastly different, but equally amazing.

Carpe Diem,


Wanderlust Wednesday: Map DIY

13 Jun

The Riggar’s are a traveling household. We both studied abroad in college and love the thrill of experiencing new cultures, sites, sounds, foods, etc. It only seemed fitting to document our travels, so when I discovered this map I knew I found my solution. I’ve always kept keepsakes from travels; while updating this map, I found a ticket from Space Mountain in Walt Disney World from 2003. Oh, the memories! For now, we love our map showcased bright & center in our living room because it’s a great conversation piece. Someday, maybe it’ll move to our office or a second living room (when that day comes), but we definitely plan on having it around for a while.








- Duct tape or other sturdy tape

-Black yarn/twine  (available at any sewing or craft store)

-Red pins (available at any sewing or craft store)



1. Stick one red pin on a city and poke through map. Attach foam to pin on backside of map to secure the pin.

2. Decide where you will place your travel paraphernalia for that particular city and estimate string length.

3. Cut string. Tie around pin. Tape other end of string to backside of your item with any type of tape (I used blue painters). Attach duct tape to backside of item and tape item to the map. *Painters tape is not strong enough to hold the items in place on the map.

It took some pre-planning to organize where each item would be placed depending on city & location of item, especially in denser areas of where we have traveled (i.e. US & Europe).  In order to keep our map organized, we decided to pin only a few of our favorite US cities rather than every city we have traveled to in the US.

This scratch-off map is an easier solution and would be great for someone who doesn’t want paraphernalia from a decade ago cluttering their wall (makes sense, right?).

Do you like to decorate with maps? Or maybe globes?

Carpe Diem,

Lonny Mag: June/July 2012

12 Jun

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

Has everyone seen the new issue of Lonny magazine that just launched this week? After a brief sabbatical last year, I am so glad Lonny is back in action. As the industry’s leading interiors online magazine, it is always chock full of gorgeous homes. This 229 page issue is no different. These are a few of my favorite snapshots ranging from gorgeous tunics from Sheridan French to stunning Hampton vacation homes to luxurious international hotels to a home tour with Chance founder, Julia Leach. Plus an interview with Estee Stanley & Justin Timberlake about StyleMint. AND the list goes on from there.

Check it out here for oodles of inspiration. Prepare to drool.

Carpe Diem,



11 Jun

Orange and pink interiors

House of Lolo color block dress

Moroccan Theme Tablescape

Tropical styling

Color block fashion

orange lips

Blood Orange Margarita

orange chunky necklace

adventure quote

Ever since I was little & found out my older sister’s favorite color was orange, I immediately declared it mine too. It hasn’t really changed since then. I love how vibrant & positive this color is.

I dream of having an insanely bright room in my home someday.

By now, it’s obvious I love everything that House of Lolo carries. This dress is perfect for work-play transition, date night, a wedding, sunday brunch…yup, it’s perfect.

Camille Styles always knocks it out of the park when it comes to entertaining. I especially love the oranges in this moroccan theme table-scape. Such a simple, colorful & playful accent. Check out the Moroccan themed bridal shower I planned for my sister for more inspiration!

Can I just teleport myself into this tropical photograph, bikini and tan included?

Color-blocking at it’s extreme & finest.

Love the orange lips, orange brows, big curly brunette hair & faint pink tipped nails.

A blood orange margarita is probably my favorite cocktail. Oba is one of our favorite restaurants in Portland and has the best blood orange margaritas. It’s so good, we had our rehearsal dinner there (and it was delicious).

If anyone knows where to purchase this ridiculously awesome statement necklace, hook a sista up!

Can’t have a Monday color post without a positive quote to jump start this week! This quote is fairly self explanatory and I hope everyone adds a bit of adventure to their step today.

Carpe Diem,


Happy Birthday!

8 Jun

Kate Spade Play Hooky Bangle

The Mr. and I are playing hooky today. Boy, does it feel good! We are off to celebrate his birthday all day long with some fun events planned just for him (i.e. record shopping, distillery tour and baking him a chocolately-goodness cake). We’re starting with a leisurely breakfast at The Screen Door today, after a fancy dinner date at ClarkLewis last night.

Today is also my father’s birthday, so this weekend will be full of celebrating! Hope you have a celebratory weekend as well, even if it’s just rejoicing in sleeping in.

Carpe Diem,


*Kate Spade: Play Hooky bangle 

Eat Drink Portland: Por Que No

6 Jun

Por Que No

You like that photo of half-eaten food? Ya, I can’t help myself when in the presence of warm food from Por Que No. I almost feel silly writing a post on this Portland staple because it’s just that; a Portland staple. So, if you have not heard of it, go run now to the closest location (Mississippi or Hawthorne). If you have heard of it, this is probably the millionth positive review you’ve read. I literally don’t think a negative review exists about this restaurant (there is 1/315 on Yelp). But alas, it is one of my favorite places and therefore I must share it’s amazingness on this blog.

Por Que No sucks you into the magical world of mexican culture where endless tacos, nice people & a colorful atmosphere are the only things that matter in life. Sustainable and local, this restaurant focuses on simple ingredients that, when exquisitely combined will blow.your.mind. It’s a simple concept but many, many restaurants overlook that important detail.

Grab a menu, order in line at the counter then grab a seat. It’s quick & easy, but the food is not sacrificed by their speediness. Outdoor patios at both locations make for perfect afternoon relaxing.

The Carnitas (crisp & juicy braised Carlton Farms pork topped with salsa verde, onions, cilantro & queso fresco from Ochoa Queseria in Albany) are my favorite, along with a side of guac and the Margarita of the Day. On that note, they also have homemade juices prepared every day and usually turn one of their concoctions into the Margarita of the Day. YUM!

Well, now that I am drooling thinking so much about Por Que No, I’ll definitely be making a trip this weekend!

Happy Wednesday!

Carpe Diem,



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