Dining Room // Pendant

18 Dec

Well friends, we finally installed our rad new pendant! If you feel like testing your communication skills for fun, try hanging a light with your spouse. It was like World War 3 in our dining room for a few hours. Alas, she’s up and I am thrilled!

Here’s a little before photo with our vintage Danish dining table and chairs:


This is no epic after photo, but that’s actually what I love most about this little change: all we did was switch the pendant and it made a HUGE impact.




Of course, the Christmas garland won’t be up all year but it went up at the same time as this light so you get an after photo and a look at our holiday decor…double whammy! Just what you wanted, I know.

Someday, we’d like to swap out the slate floor for wood and there may or may not be wallpaper going up in the new year. I’m crossing my fingers we can make the wallpaper happen soon!

Happy Hump Day!

Carpe Diem,


Light source: West Elm


13 Dec


Life just never slows down does it? Summer flies by and then in the blink of an eye we’re in the thick of holiday season. We’ve been having record chilly temps here, as well as everywhere else, but it’s been a nice break from the hustle. Watching a movie in front of our fire has been a rejuvenating and reoccurring event around these parts lately. Tonight though, we’ll be hosting a little get together with some of our favorite people and I am looking forward to a night filled with laughter and good company. Despite how frantic the holidays can get, I am thankful it’s a time of year that brings our nearest and dearest together to simply celebrate.

Tree is up, stockings are up, Christmas lights are up and the fridge is stocked with homemade brew from the mister and lots of Champagne! Let the celebrations begin!

Hope you have a lovely weekend spending quality time with friends and family.

Carpe Diem,


Bash Box // NYE

12 Dec

The cat’s already out of the bag…I started an etsy shop! But, what I’ve been waiting to debut is the entire reason I started an Etsy shop: party in a box! The first ever Bash Box is now live and waiting to arrive to your doorstep for a killer New Year’s Eve party!








Everything you see here (sans the bar cart – sorry, ain’t sending that to ya) is included inside the NYE Bash Box. As someone who loves to gather all these details and style a party, I know not everyone is the same. Also, as someone with about 25 champagne flutes, I realize that is border-line horder status and sometimes you just want to throw a stylish party, not blow the bank and not have to buy something permanent you’ll never use again (like champagne flutes, plates, etc). Voila: Bash Box = party-woes solved.

10 plastic steam-less champagne flutes. Disposable or re-usable GoVino flutes.
12 white and gold star paper straws
16 clear plastic dessert plates
20 silver polka dot napkins
10 glitter horn noise makers – black, silver, gold
10 New Years Eve crowns – black, silver
12 champagne bubble party favors
35 tinsel toothpicks for appetizers/dessert
48″ tissue tassel garland – black, gray, silver, gray polka dot, gold fleck on white, silver string

There you have it! What do you think?

I think my favorite items are the champagne flutes. They are uber fab and PLASTIC. Hallelujah! They are meant to be reusable and would be perfect for outdoor use in the summer. Plus, they have a cute little notch in the side for easy holding (don’t want to drop that champagne…although if you do, it won’t break, you’ll just waste champagne…tisk, tisk).

You can shop the party here. Also, spread the word, would you mind? You’ll have awesome karma for weeks. I promise.

Carpe Diem,


6 Dec

Normal Day Print via Vanillawood

After working two days last week before heading off to see family for 5 days, this week has definitely been a whirlwind. With the first of December, it’s only going to keep going until after the new year.  I am, however, very thankful for this holiday season. I love the cheer and excitement that comes along with the holidays. From picking our christmas tree to eating too many sugary treats to holiday parties galore and of course, then Christmas. This time of year, I am increasingly aware of my level of contentment. Just to be happy with the simple things in life. Like the layer of snow we woke up to this morning (wohoo!).

Two things in the past week have caught my attention regarding contentment:

1. Every day at the same intersection on my walk to work, there is a homeless gentleman with a sign that says “If I can smile, so can you.” He’s always genuinely smiling. And I can’t help but smile back and wonder, if he’s supposedly happy, why do the rest of us struggle with happiness sometimes? If we can just be content with what we have, it will be enough (I’m pretty sure I heard that from Oprah).

2. Our taxi driver in Vegas last week on the way to the airport. He had an awesome Thanksgiving with his brother and their friends, which they do every year (since none of them have much family, apparently). He was literally one of those people radiating positive energy; obviously content and happy with life. Truly, genuinely happy – you could just tell. You know those people? We need more people like that in this world.

We just got the above wood canvas piece into Vanillawood this week for the holidays. It’s good, right? It might be coming home with me for Christmas….

What are you thankful for this week? Have a lovely weekend!

Carpe Diem,


Dining Room // Inspiration

4 Dec

I’ve been on the hunt for a dining room pendant since Spring (oh, such a rough life). I knew we’d go with the Sea Anemone for our foyer and the Coral David Trubridge for our living room, but the dining room stumped me. Slowly I began to realize I was attracted to the same style light; architectural, metal, understated yet dramatic.






I’d happily live in any of those spaces. Agreed? I know you’re dying to know: I did find a pendant and it was love at first sight. This stunner dropped me dead in my tracks at…believe it or not, West Elm (I literally couldn’t believe it at first). At only $249 it was already a great price, but then I scored this baby steeply discounted during a lighting sale as well. WINNER! It is possible to get awesome lighting for cheap! We’ll be installing her this weekend, which means a “before & after” next week.

Happy Hump Day!

Carpe Diem,


Image sources 1/2/3/4/5

Bash Box

3 Dec

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend. I have some exciting news that I have been working on for some time now; I’ve launched an Etsy shop! This week, you can find Gold Leafed Birch Coasters & Natural Birch Coasters handmade by moi here in Portland. Next week, I’ll be launching what I’ve truly been spending my spare time concocting: a New Years Eve Party in a Box. Everything you need to throw a fab NYE party, all wrapped up in a box and tied with a bow, delivered to your doorstep. In the meantime, how rad would these coasters be as a hostess gift this holiday season? I may be biased though….






I’ll be launching more fun holiday decor shortly as well! Now that the cat’s out of the bag, you can follow along with Bash Box on Pinterest & Instagram for lots o’ prettiness too. Enjoy!

Carpe Diem,


Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov

Wherever you are today, whoever you are with or however you may be celebrating, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving filled with gratitude, joy and laughter. I love the holidays for many reasons (glitter ribbon is socially acceptable), but mostly because it allows us to shut off the busyness of life, even if for just one day. I hope Thanksgiving is a relaxing holiday for you, whether you’re hosting family & friends or just showing up and drinking a lot of wine (I’ll be doing the latter). In the meantime, enjoy these gorgeous photos by NYC photographer Jamie Beck.





I don’t remember how I discovered her work, but I have been a huge fan for a while now. If you haven’t seen her photos, go follow her blog & bookmark it ASAP. Instagram too. Her work & the adventures it takes her on are absolutely stunning.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Carpe Diem ,



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