Eat Drink Portland: Smokehouse21

8 Feb

NW 21st has two new restaurants in town, both featuring local yumminess, true Portland style. Aka: local meat from a nearby farm, local bread from the neighboring bakery & menu’s listing exactly who, what & where. I’ll admit it…I love everything about this! Welcome to the ‘hood Smokehouse 21 & Dick’s Kitchen!

First up  is Smokehouse 21, a tiny BBQ hot spot with a short, but delicious menu. Choices are simple: meat & sides with spices/sauces already on the table. The meat is served dry, allowing you to pick & choose at your convenience. Talk about a man’s heaven, right? My particular favorite is the beer list: only requirement is it’s served in a can (with a coozie…duh). Also, don’t forget to try the Bacon Molasses Cornbread with warm honey butter syrup & the homemade Mac & Cheese. So good, I refused to waste any….I wish I had Mac & Cheese to-go every day!

More to come on Dick’s Kitchen soon!

Carpe Diem, 

*Instagram photos by me (@Mandy_Jae). All other photos taken by Smokehouse21 photographer Erin Berzel. 

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