Mini Champagne Favors

23 Mar

Mini Champagne Wedding Favors

I feel indifferent about wedding favors. Too often, they seem pointless & unappreciated, not to mention a huge expense. In order to combat this predicament for our New Years Eve nuptials, we decided to make our favors booze. Yup, mini bottles of champagne. Consumed the night of or later by someone who had incredible self-will power. Plus, you can’t celebrate a wedding on New Years Eve without champagne!

I wanted to keep our tables simple, elegant & sparkly, so the champagne logo didn’t fit the bill. Therefore, I resorted to my go-to solution for added flair: gold & glitter. Using glitter trim tape (purchased at Michaels Crafts), we wrapped the bottles in gold, glittery goodness.

I found the black & white tags online (free downloadable PDF) from the adorable blog, Jones Design Company & the “Cheers” stamp was from a NW favorite craft store, The Paper Zone.

Needless to say, the mini champagne favors were a huge hit.

Carpe Diem,


Photography by Niki Rhodes.

One Response to “Mini Champagne Favors”

  1. everswoon March 26, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    These are the cutest! Who doesn’t like mini things and who doesn’t like champagne?!?! Perfect combo!

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