Happy Monday

9 Apr

Life has been very busy lately and I like it! It amazes me how many photos I take a day on my iphone without even blinking an eye. I don’t look at a calendar anymore to reference events, I typically check my photos. Sometimes I wish this gadget wasn’t attached to my hip 24/7, but other times I am grateful that I can document my life so easily with technology. I’ve always loved having photographs & now I can have them with the click of 2 buttons photographing my entire day. Anyone else an avid Instagram user? ┬áHere are a few snapshots of inspirations & events lately. Enjoy!

Blooming Spring Trees

Spring has officially sprung in Portland! Warm evenings, sunshine & people bustling about. Portland really is a wonderful city when the sun comes out. Myself & the rest of the population are crossing our fingers the weather will stick this time around.

New York Times Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I have accomplished one of my New Year’s resolutions of becoming a good wife: I perfected the chocolate chip cookie recipe! All you bakers can laugh at me, but refrigerating the dough is seriously the most important step. Chewy cookies for an entire week? Boom- wife points. Recipe found here.

I have many girlfriends who live all over the US right. This week, one was home from Chicago & another is in town temporarily after living in North Carolina before moving to San Francisco AND I had another surprise visit from a friend who used to live in New York and is now in Southern Oregon. Phew! Most of these fabulous ladies (and a few more) lived on the East Coast temporarily, which meant an East Coast adventure was due. Chicago, NYC, Boston & Charlotte in 10 days with a back-pack & this little lady. But more on that later!

Easter flowers & mimosas

Easter was spent enjoying 70 degree weather with some fresh flowers & mimosas (duh)! Not to mention, plenty of delicious food & some awesome quality time with the family.

After much debate mentioned here, I decided upon this gray/blue Moroccan Trellis rug for our living room. It finally arrived & boy am I glad I went with it! Our space needed some spice and this rug knocked it outta the park. It’s the little things in life, right?

Spotted this card and fell in love with this too-cute for words quote. Enjoy!

Carpe Diem,


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