May Snapshots

30 May

Just a few of my favorite snapshots from May, which turned out to be quite the eventful month for the Riggar household!


I grew up on 2 acres with a tree-fort, tractors, a pool & a giant deck to run around on. My parents house has always been the place for get togethers and I cherish late afternoons spent outside lounging with family & friends. We kicked off Mother’s Day with the first official BBQ of the season & I can not wait for many more to come!

Bloody Mary Bar

Mr. Riggar graduated from Willamette University with his MBA, also on Mother’s Day. We celebrated his hard work & dedication with a Bloody Mary Bar (duh).


As you all know, we moved as well. Our new place has plenty of ┬ánatural light & a ridiculous amount of space that we don’t know what to do with. Not an issue that I’m complaining about!


Our place also has great storage….as in, really really awesome storage, including this adorable nook in our dining room. We unpacked in a few short days & I’ve slowly been nesting to make this space our home.

One Kings Lane

Here’s a little behind-the-scences shot of what it’s like to produce a Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane. Our sale went live on Thursday May 18th at 6pm, during which we celebrated with a bottle of champagne (shocking, I know). Less than 24 hours later, we processed, packaged & shipped a lot of orders! Our sale lasted through the weekend and we finished up the remaining orders the following week. It was an exhilarating & exhausting experience and needless to say, I really need a manicure!


Our Memorial Day weekend was filled with family & friends + a bit of relaxation (see all of the above: much needed).

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Carpe Diem,


One Response to “May Snapshots”

  1. Kacie Liz June 3, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    Dang! Do you guys have a huge warehouse somewhere hidden in the pearl?? Looked at the site…super cute stuff, not that I expected anything less! I can’t wait to have my own studio apt to decorate!

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