Wanderlust Wednesday: Bangkok, Thailand

20 Jun
Bangkok, Thailand

View from our hotel room.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Biggest shopping mall in SE Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

Street food yumminess.

Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel lobby.

Bangkok, Thailand

On our way to Koh Samui for our honeymoon, we stopped in Bangkok for a few days. I am so glad we did, because even just a few days in this city was spectacular. It is a big, hot mess and I loved it. There is a lot going on in Bangkok; from the traffic, to people, to hustle & bustle of the city and to the trash, down power-lines and over-head public transportation, it is non-stop 24/7. Sensation overload coming at you from every angle. Not the mention the humidity. So, literally it is a big, hot mess.

We stayed in Siam Square at the Aetas Bangkok. This area is also home to SE Asia’s largest mall; combine this with it being the city’s financial district and you have a lot of disposable income being splurged. The shopping center was unlike anything I had ever seen before; 6-stories & 4 wings, endless designer boutiques and $250,000 cars on the top level (how?!).

We ventured into the original Siam Square, a winding maze of open-air stalls selling goods ranging from clothing to technology. This was my favorite spot during our time in Bangkok. I picked up an adorable romper that I am yet to rock in PDX…

Thailand is known for it’s amazing food, whether from a street vendor or 5-start restaurant. True fact: I didn’t enjoy eating Thai food in the states before we visited Thailand. Although it’s not the same here, I have officially been converted to a thai food lover. Simple, good & local ingredients paired with ancient-old recipes makes for…you guessed it, mouth-watering food. One of our favorite places we discovered was Hyde & Seek, which I would highly recommend for artisan cocktails. Their Siam Sunray is wonderfully refreshing after a day of sight seeing.

We wandered, got lost, people-watched and indulged in out-of-this-world food and we only saw a fraction of the city. We’ll be back someday, Bangkok!

Have you been to Bangkok before? I’d love to hear other’s experiences as I am sure they are all vastly different, but equally amazing.

Carpe Diem,


One Response to “Wanderlust Wednesday: Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Makaila June 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    Wonderful Photos! Have so.much.Fun!!

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