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DIY: Ombre Clothespins

26 Jul

One step DIY’s are my favorite. They’re simple, require little time/materials and still make quite the difference.

Try not to get distracted by Jessi as an uber chubby, mohawk styling baby….

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I knew we would be hanging gold sparkly stars, her kick-ass invites & baby photos from string and clothespins. The style of the clothespins worked in our favor, but needed some oomph.


1. Start at one end, spray paint heavily and move down the length of the clothespin, lightening the amount of paint you’re spraying  on the clothespin. Voila!

Crazy easy, right?

We’ve already re-used these for a friends bachelorette party and I plan on re-using them many times again in the future. They’d make adorable decor in a nursery or an office as an inspiration board.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Carpe DIem,


Photos: Haley Graham Photography

Baby Shower DIYs

16 Jul

Just a few sneak peeks of the million DIY projects I did (not without much help from friends!) for Jessi’s baby shower. If they didn’t make such a big, fantastic impact….nobody would ever do them, now would we?!

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I can only take partial credit for the fab drink stirrer name tags! The polka dot tags were paper clip tags I picked up at Michaels with the intention to tie them around champagne flutes as name tags. Instead, a very crafty friend slid them on pink dyed wooden drink sticks and secured them with gold, sparkly washi tape. Genius!

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I love easy DIY’s and these pink ombre clothes pins were just that.

Baby Shower Photo Booth

No party is complete without a photo booth!

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Gold sparkly stars for “Wishes for Baby”. Recognize the gold mason jar? A DIY many moons ago for our wedding day.

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Plus, you already saw the DIY for these pink and gold glitter lightning bolt invitations.

And just in case you were curious, yes, the party was epic. A hostess’ dream come true…many guests said it was the best baby shower they had ever been to (could have been the champagne talking, but I’ll take it).


More details coming soon!

Happy Tuesday!

Carpe Diem,


Photos: Haley Graham Photography

One Step DIY

3 Oct

DIY Gold Spray Painted Milke Crate Record Box

This has got to be the easiest DIY I have ever done. It involves my favorite ingredient, Design Masters 731 Gold spray paint (also seen here & here….and another gold spray paint DIY here.…). We started a record collection this year and I decided to store the records in a milk crate for easy access. I also loved the vintage industrial vibe of the crate, just not the simple blue color. I purchased an $11 crate from Office Max and you guessed it: painted it gold! Literally just one step….maybe two, if you include buying the actual crate. It never ceases to amaze me how drastic a simple coat o’ gold paint can be.


DIY Gold Spray Painted Milk Crate, Record Box

Wouldn’t you agree? Happy Wednesday!

Carpe Diem,


Wanderlust Wednesday: Map DIY

13 Jun

The Riggar’s are a traveling household. We both studied abroad in college and love the thrill of experiencing new cultures, sites, sounds, foods, etc. It only seemed fitting to document our travels, so when I discovered this map I knew I found my solution. I’ve always kept keepsakes from travels; while updating this map, I found a ticket from Space Mountain in Walt Disney World from 2003. Oh, the memories! For now, we love our map showcased bright & center in our living room because it’s a great conversation piece. Someday, maybe it’ll move to our office or a second living room (when that day comes), but we definitely plan on having it around for a while.








– Duct tape or other sturdy tape

-Black yarn/twine  (available at any sewing or craft store)

-Red pins (available at any sewing or craft store)



1. Stick one red pin on a city and poke through map. Attach foam to pin on backside of map to secure the pin.

2. Decide where you will place your travel paraphernalia for that particular city and estimate string length.

3. Cut string. Tie around pin. Tape other end of string to backside of your item with any type of tape (I used blue painters). Attach duct tape to backside of item and tape item to the map. *Painters tape is not strong enough to hold the items in place on the map.

It took some pre-planning to organize where each item would be placed depending on city & location of item, especially in denser areas of where we have traveled (i.e. US & Europe).  In order to keep our map organized, we decided to pin only a few of our favorite US cities rather than every city we have traveled to in the US.

This scratch-off map is an easier solution and would be great for someone who doesn’t want paraphernalia from a decade ago cluttering their wall (makes sense, right?).

Do you like to decorate with maps? Or maybe globes?

Carpe Diem,

Upgrade: Gold Flats

19 Apr

DIY Gold Flats

These flats used to be pink and were purchased at Target probably 5 years ago for about 30 bucks. They have been an amazing pair of shoes; we sure have been through a lot together! One fateful walk  home from work last summer, I got stuck in a serious torrential downpour which meant my favorite suede shoes died and went to shoe heaven. Kinda. Until I decided to spray paint them with leftover gold paint from other wedding DIYs. This is what happens with a short attention span and an affinity for painting anything gold. Now, I just wonder if I look like the crazy chic whose shoes are clearly spray painted OR the genius DIYer rockin’ a sweet pair of repurposed shoes. Hmm…good thing I don’t care because I get to wear my favorite shoes again!

Required Materials:

1. Old shoes

2. Spray paint (I used Krylon Brilliant Gold).

3. Blue painters tape

4. Paper towels

5. Painters tarp or newspaper

DIY Gold flats


DIY Gold Flats

Line interior of shoe with blue painters tape and fill with paper towels to protect the edges and interior sole.

DIY Gold Flats

Shake paint, spray at least 12″ away and don’t inhale!

DIY Gold Flats

Tape the exterior soles. Don’t forget the underside & double check to ensure all areas are sufficiently covered in paint.

DIY Gold Flats

Et Voila!

As you can see, this is super easy. You just need some imagination and a well ventilated area; two crucial elements!

Carpe Diem,


Happy Monday

9 Apr

Life has been very busy lately and I like it! It amazes me how many photos I take a day on my iphone without even blinking an eye. I don’t look at a calendar anymore to reference events, I typically check my photos. Sometimes I wish this gadget wasn’t attached to my hip 24/7, but other times I am grateful that I can document my life so easily with technology. I’ve always loved having photographs & now I can have them with the click of 2 buttons photographing my entire day. Anyone else an avid Instagram user?  Here are a few snapshots of inspirations & events lately. Enjoy!

Blooming Spring Trees

Spring has officially sprung in Portland! Warm evenings, sunshine & people bustling about. Portland really is a wonderful city when the sun comes out. Myself & the rest of the population are crossing our fingers the weather will stick this time around.

New York Times Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I have accomplished one of my New Year’s resolutions of becoming a good wife: I perfected the chocolate chip cookie recipe! All you bakers can laugh at me, but refrigerating the dough is seriously the most important step. Chewy cookies for an entire week? Boom- wife points. Recipe found here.

I have many girlfriends who live all over the US right. This week, one was home from Chicago & another is in town temporarily after living in North Carolina before moving to San Francisco AND I had another surprise visit from a friend who used to live in New York and is now in Southern Oregon. Phew! Most of these fabulous ladies (and a few more) lived on the East Coast temporarily, which meant an East Coast adventure was due. Chicago, NYC, Boston & Charlotte in 10 days with a back-pack & this little lady. But more on that later!

Easter flowers & mimosas

Easter was spent enjoying 70 degree weather with some fresh flowers & mimosas (duh)! Not to mention, plenty of delicious food & some awesome quality time with the family.

After much debate mentioned here, I decided upon this gray/blue Moroccan Trellis rug for our living room. It finally arrived & boy am I glad I went with it! Our space needed some spice and this rug knocked it outta the park. It’s the little things in life, right?

Spotted this card and fell in love with this too-cute for words quote. Enjoy!

Carpe Diem,


Mini Champagne Favors

23 Mar

Mini Champagne Wedding Favors

I feel indifferent about wedding favors. Too often, they seem pointless & unappreciated, not to mention a huge expense. In order to combat this predicament for our New Years Eve nuptials, we decided to make our favors booze. Yup, mini bottles of champagne. Consumed the night of or later by someone who had incredible self-will power. Plus, you can’t celebrate a wedding on New Years Eve without champagne!

I wanted to keep our tables simple, elegant & sparkly, so the champagne logo didn’t fit the bill. Therefore, I resorted to my go-to solution for added flair: gold & glitter. Using glitter trim tape (purchased at Michaels Crafts), we wrapped the bottles in gold, glittery goodness.

I found the black & white tags online (free downloadable PDF) from the adorable blog, Jones Design Company & the “Cheers” stamp was from a NW favorite craft store, The Paper Zone.

Needless to say, the mini champagne favors were a huge hit.

Carpe Diem,


Photography by Niki Rhodes.


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