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Dining Room // Pendant

18 Dec

Well friends, we finally installed our rad new pendant! If you feel like testing your communication skills for fun, try hanging a light with your spouse. It was like World War 3 in our dining room for a few hours. Alas, she’s up and I am thrilled!

Here’s a little before photo with our vintage Danish dining table and chairs:


This is no epic after photo, but that’s actually what I love most about this little change: all we did was switch the pendant and it made a HUGE impact.




Of course, the Christmas garland won’t be up all year but it went up at the same time as this light so you get an after photo and a look at our holiday decor…double whammy! Just what you wanted, I know.

Someday, we’d like to swap out the slate floor for wood and there may or may not be wallpaper going up in the new year. I’m crossing my fingers we can make the wallpaper happen soon!

Happy Hump Day!

Carpe Diem,


Light source: West Elm


13 Dec


Life just never slows down does it? Summer flies by and then in the blink of an eye we’re in the thick of holiday season. We’ve been having record chilly temps here, as well as everywhere else, but it’s been a nice break from the hustle. Watching a movie in front of our fire has been a rejuvenating and reoccurring event around these parts lately. Tonight though, we’ll be hosting a little get together with some of our favorite people and I am looking forward to a night filled with laughter and good company. Despite how frantic the holidays can get, I am thankful it’s a time of year that brings our nearest and dearest together to simply celebrate.

Tree is up, stockings are up, Christmas lights are up and the fridge is stocked with homemade brew from the mister and lots of Champagne! Let the celebrations begin!

Hope you have a lovely weekend spending quality time with friends and family.

Carpe Diem,



6 Dec

Normal Day Print via Vanillawood

After working two days last week before heading off to see family for 5 days, this week has definitely been a whirlwind. With the first of December, it’s only going to keep going until after the new year.  I am, however, very thankful for this holiday season. I love the cheer and excitement that comes along with the holidays. From picking our christmas tree to eating too many sugary treats to holiday parties galore and of course, then Christmas. This time of year, I am increasingly aware of my level of contentment. Just to be happy with the simple things in life. Like the layer of snow we woke up to this morning (wohoo!).

Two things in the past week have caught my attention regarding contentment:

1. Every day at the same intersection on my walk to work, there is a homeless gentleman with a sign that says “If I can smile, so can you.” He’s always genuinely smiling. And I can’t help but smile back and wonder, if he’s supposedly happy, why do the rest of us struggle with happiness sometimes? If we can just be content with what we have, it will be enough (I’m pretty sure I heard that from Oprah).

2. Our taxi driver in Vegas last week on the way to the airport. He had an awesome Thanksgiving with his brother and their friends, which they do every year (since none of them have much family, apparently). He was literally one of those people radiating positive energy; obviously content and happy with life. Truly, genuinely happy – you could just tell. You know those people? We need more people like that in this world.

We just got the above wood canvas piece into Vanillawood this week for the holidays. It’s good, right? It might be coming home with me for Christmas….

What are you thankful for this week? Have a lovely weekend!

Carpe Diem,


Dining Room // Inspiration

4 Dec

I’ve been on the hunt for a dining room pendant since Spring (oh, such a rough life). I knew we’d go with the Sea Anemone for our foyer and the Coral David Trubridge for our living room, but the dining room stumped me. Slowly I began to realize I was attracted to the same style light; architectural, metal, understated yet dramatic.






I’d happily live in any of those spaces. Agreed? I know you’re dying to know: I did find a pendant and it was love at first sight. This stunner dropped me dead in my tracks at…believe it or not, West Elm (I literally couldn’t believe it at first). At only $249 it was already a great price, but then I scored this baby steeply discounted during a lighting sale as well. WINNER! It is possible to get awesome lighting for cheap! We’ll be installing her this weekend, which means a “before & after” next week.

Happy Hump Day!

Carpe Diem,


Image sources 1/2/3/4/5


22 Nov

Is it weird that I am posting a photo of someone’s kid? Probably. But have you seen this article yet? It is heart m-e-l-t-i-n-g. If it doesn’t melt your heart, you need a cocktail (it’s Friday, I won’t judge).

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 9.53.01 PM

In other worlds, this face melts my heart (don’t worry, this is actually my fur-baby). Gratitude this week goes all to Nellie. That face cures EVERYTHING. I grew up with a dog and my mom always joked my first word was “dog”. These little creatures make my world go ’round and I am so blessed we now have our own in our lives.


Every morning she is full of energy, just so damn excited for the day. Every night when we get home, she is so excited we’re home. Consistently, every single day. Could you imagine if we lived life consistently happy & excited? I caught myself frustrated with her the other day and when I truly thought about why I was frustrated, it was simply because she was being a puppy….curious, energetic, not listening. I decided I should take note from such an enthusiastic thing who is simply curious and excited about everything on this planet (specifically the leaves in our backyard). Would it hurt to be a little more enthusiastic about life, regardless of what it is? Maybe just for one day…let alone every single day?

Have a curious & positive weekend!

Carpe Diem,



15 Nov

Today’s Gratitude Post is easy. It’s easy because today marks a significant anniversary for Mr.Riggar and myself.


The same girlfriend who took this very first photo of Zach and I also gifted us a 2003 Gran Reserva bottle of Spanish red wine for our wedding, which we will be cracking tonight at dinner for our 10 year anniversary. We certainly are not the same little kids in that photo (thankfully we don’t look the same either…) but after 10 years, I can say I certainly feel the same way. I know in another 10 years we won’t be the same people but I do know, it’s not going to matter. From love-drunk teenagers, to crazy college kids, to entering the “real world”, traveling the world together, getting married and now owning a home and being fur-parents…it’s been an awesome decade. And we’ve only just begun. So yes, this Gratitude Post was easy today.

My advice for the weekend: tell someone how much you love them. It’ll make their day and I bet it’ll brighten yours as well.

Carpe Diem,


BurnCycle // Get The Look

14 Nov

I’m pretty stoked how BurnCycle’s front seating area turned out. Although there are not many elements, we (okay, maybe just me) heavily debated those elements. Compared to every other detail involved in opening a spinning studio & starting a company, this was very minuscule, BUT we needed a seating area and it needed to be awesome. See the inspiration here & the final photos here. Here’s how to get the look:

BurnCycle Shop List

Bike Lights // DIY comin’ at ya next week. You won’t believe how simple & cheap it is.

Benches // These are knock-off Barcelona benches from

Terrarium & Leafy Plant // I stopped into a local flower shop in the Pearl District (hey, Sammy’s Flowers – you guys are wonderful!) and purchased a pre-made terrarium for only $39. The best thing about terrariums is they are really hard to kill. Really, really hard to kill. Bingo! We picked up a few Medrone branches from Sammy’s Flowers for the photo shoot, but a Fiddle Leaf Fig would be a more permanent option.

Orange Lacquer Tray // We needed a pop of color on the clear coffee table against the neutral rug, which made this orange tray from West Elm the perfect solution.

Orange Pillows // Another pop of color on the minimalist style bench. I love the oversized scale on these and guess what? They’re Ikea.

Acrylic Coffee Table // We wanted something simple, modern & almost non-descript…enter the classic acrylic table from CB2.

Jute Rug // I love these rugs for multiple reasons, mostly because they offer great texture while being neutral & simple. Although Jute is uber durable, it is not soft (which is also why it works in a spinning studio where everyone always has shoes on…hopefully). We got this one from Target, but for a home, my personal favorite is this super soft wool/jute combo from Pottery Barn.

There ya have it! What do you think? If you’re in PDX, swing by BurnCycle for the best work-out of your life and to see this beloved seating area (obviously, the latter is exactly why you’ll go).

Carpe Diem,


*image source for terrarium (how gorgeous is that online shop based in Seattle?)

*image source for fiddle leaf fig unknown, found via Pinterest


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