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Breezy Mid-Century

29 Feb

Big news in this newlywed household: we’re buying a reaaaal nice media console from Crate & Barrel…adult status fo sho. This has promptly allowed me to finally get rid of the old and slowly bring in the new & fabulous & stylish. With the fancy media cabinet and Mr. Riggar’s new vintage Man-Chair grounding our space, I’ve officially decided our style is “breezy mid-century.” Airy & fresh with clean lines and a dash of vintage vibe. Okay, now to translate that into a rug, light, sofa & artwork…
Vintage Man-Chair: check. 
Artwork: check (although, really always in the making…).
Media Console: check. 
I’d like to say we lounge on a B&B Italia Sofa, but currently Ikea is suiting our 700 sq.ft. apartment just fine. That’s going to have to wait….
Although designer by trade, this rug situation has me in a stand-still. I adore the beige knotty chevron rug, but I also dream about this Charcoal Moroccan Trellis rug. When I saw Jessica Constable’s living room, I knew I had to have that charcoal rug. Until I stumbled upon the knotty chevron and then I saw how gorgeously Emily Henderson styled a space with a similar rug. 
Considering we’ll most likely end up with a light colored sofa in the near future, I think the Charcoal Moroccan Trellis rug is the best option. 
I know you want to give me your opinion….because I know you care just as much about our future rug as I do. So, what do you think? 
Carpe Diem, 


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